Albesa Ramadera

Albesa Ramadera: The definition of a new era in the history of swine production

Albesa Ramadera is a farm devoted to piglet production with capacity for 3,200 sows located in the municipality of Albesa (Lleida). The facility is highly technified and possesses unique features, thanks to the use of the best technology in the market.

The Albesa team is highly committed with innovation and environmentally friendly work protocols. One of Albesa Ramadera’s main objectives is to create new efficiency parameters in order to improve farm productivity and to develop new electronic tools to certify the security, quality and traceability of all its processes. These parameters and tools are obtained thanks to the definition of nutritional, management, healthcare and new technology implementation standards which facilitate the operational decision making process.

Technological Farm

Albesa Ramadera is equipped with the latest technologies that permit a real-time register of the different parameters involved in production. To achieve that, it has a software management platform that integrates all the pieces of information received from feeding systems, temperature control and ventilation, piglet weights information and dorsal fat density of sows.

Nevertheless, the central management system of the facility is our Farm’s Mother platform. Farm’s Mother allows us to coordinate all the information coming from the previously mentioned networks, crossing the data obtained from each one of them to look for interrelations and provide the farmer with a tactile interface of diagnosis, alert and information analysis of the facility.

One of the latest features implemented in Albesa Ramadera is the use of V-ETIC, system developed by OPP Group which permits the automatized control of medical treatments applied on animals. V-ETIC allows us to have a total traceability over such treatments and reduce significantly the use of antibiotics on our animals.

Showroom Farm on a National and International Level

The farm receives several visits from farmers and technicians from Spanish and international laboratories, given its unusual technological level. We have hosted more than 1,500 visits over the life of the farm and we receive visits from an average of two expert groups per week.