Animal Health

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly worried about the health guarantees and traceability of the products that they purchase and use. That is why at OPP Group we consider vital not only to collaborate with our customers to optimize the productivity of their facilities, but also to ensure that we provide the final consumer maximum health guarantees and traceability through the whole process.


Animal Welfare

At OPP Group, we have designed a production model in which the animals are kept free during all the gestation phase, improving significantly their welfare levels without giving up to a total control over their diet or any other interventions performed on the animal.


Animal Health

The whole health management paradigm of OPP Group is based on the concept of animal welfare. Therefore, the production model and facility designs that we propose, guarantee a minimum level of stress generation on animals, which at the same time improves their response to the vaccination and health programs applied.

Apart from that, we advise our clients on the implementation of customized nutritional and immunity programs, understanding what is the health status of their facilities and proposing a plan of action to follow in order to increase the production of healthy animals in their plants.



The nutritional needs of the animals are vary depending on the phase of the productive cycle in which they are. By using Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) stations, which allow to install a micro dosing system and have their own software, OPP Group designs specific nutritional supplements for each phase of the gestation process, thus improving the weight and vitality of piglets at birth.