In response to the increasing need of improving control over processes in the farm, OPP Group decided in 2012, to begin an ambitious project which aimed to seek solutions for 3 fundamental problems related to the application of healthcare treatments in farms:

  • The need to guarantee compliance with best practices associated to animal treatments, that is: what is injected, who injects it, how, when and why
  • The generation of an electronic register of the event (the medical treatment), which allows to better control antibiotic suppression times, therefore ensuring there is no trace of residues at the time of sale
  • Management of the medical stock of the farm, so that the use of treatments in farm is automatically connected to the farm management software in place in order to carry out a detailed control over healthcare products stock

In order to solve these problems, a multidisciplinary team of OPP Group, developed and tested what today we call V-ETIC, a vaccination and medical treatment application portable system with certification via RFID chip permits allows to elaborate an electronic register of injected medical treatments.

After finalizing the development of V-ETIC, and check that it perfectly worked and safely stored all the information, we started-up the pre-commercial phase of the project. We reached an agreement with the German company Henke-Sass Wolff, producer and seller of medical equipment and syringes with a global footprint, to help us out in the commercialization of V-ETIC at a global level.