P+ Farms

Model of Innovation and Sustainability

What are P+ Farms?

P+ Farms are the result of merging all our experience in the different areas of animal welfare and swine production, with an innovative approach based on the modernization and automation of productive facilities, aimed towards the optimization of their productivity.

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Albesa Ramadera

Commercial farm, which thanks to its philosophy rooted on innovation and sustainability, has become a referent on technified animal welfare. The farm has been awarded with the “Porc D’Or for Animal Health and Welfare and Environmental Sustainability”. It is also the main pillar of the education and training value proposal of OPP Group.

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Education and Training Services

OPP Group has become a referent in training professionals interested in the technification of farms in the swine industry. Some of our most experimented partners teach courses certified by the University of Lleida, in which students are prepared to manage technified swine production farms.

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