Other Research and Development Areas

Research Conducted by OPP Group

With the aim of solving the need of our industry, the technical team of OPP Group has worked on an ongoing basis in the development and adjustment of new technologies for the improvement of use and expansion of the current capabilities of technological farms.

We include in this section some of the most recent research paper published:

Ongoing Lines of Work

Since 2015, OPP Group has an ongoing line of investigation in regards to micro-nutrition during the different phases of sow group gestation. This line of work, which required high analytic meticulousness, is expected to produce significant improvements in the quality and viability of piglets in hyper-prolific sows, apart from having the potential to enhancing milk quality and production of the sow.

In 2016, we conducted a detailed revision work of what future maternity demands will be, understanding the pros and cons of non-traditional systems, which are already awakening interest in the market given that they promise improvements in areas such as post-weaning stress, early colonization of pathogen infection dynamics and maternal stress reduction.

Also in 2016, we started to evaluate a group of strategies, which well combined, will allow us to reduce in a rational manner the use of antibiotics in swine production facilities.