OPP Group works, as part of the P+ Farm model, in the development and implementation of the concept of precision nutrition, used in conjunction with the latest technologies in facilities and the new advances in the nutritional field.

Reproductive sows present different nutritional requirements depending on their age and the phase of the reproductive cycle in which they are. Nutritionally, gestation is the most complex phase, and specific nutrient needs in certain moments can limit or condition diverse factors from ovulation to embryonic implantation and fetal development, thus contributing to birth of not-viable piglets and high rates of perinatal mortality.


Electronic feeding stations, equipped with a micro dosing system, allow to administrate required nutrients in a precise manner, both in terms of cycle phase and quantity.

Our nutrition department undertakes a continuous evaluation of nutritional requirements for different production facilities, and accordingly designs new additives in order to optimize conventional food rations and guarantee the provision of specific nutrients.