Farm’s mother

We all know the problems arising when we use various software systems for the same activity without having a mechanism that automatically integrates them. At OPP Group, we saw the need to create a system that coordinates all this software systems and that manages them in a clever manner. That is how we created Farm’s Mother, our own developed platform for software integration of different systems, data analysis and management.

Farm’s Mother permits us to receive the information from the different systems that operate in the farm, interrelate this information, analyse it and generate and send back alerts to the systems as required, keeping the farm personnel informed about potential issues that may arise and contributing to cost optimization and a stricter control over daily operations. Farm’s Mother can be easily integrated in the normal functioning of the farm, becoming the true heart of the facility.

Farm’s Mother One

Farm’s Mother One permits the merger of all the data coming from the different systems in the farm in a unique platform. In this way, benchmark and analysis of KPIs is simplified. By using an efficient filtering and data merging process, Farm’s Mother One is capable of obtaining and analyzing the metrics of a company or facility from any computer connected to the internet.

Farm’s Mother Batch

OPP Group created Farm’s Mother Batch for facilities where animals do not have RFID chips incorporated, and therefore neither do have electronic sow feeding stations. The functioning of Farm’s Mother Batch is identical to the one of Farm’s Mother, with the only difference that data are manually introduced in the system. FM Batch’s user has the option to keep the software on the cloud, or to have a dedicated computer in the farm.