OPP Group does not limit its activities to equipment distribution for farms. We find complete farm management solutions for our clients. We design, supply and install farm equipment which is completely adapted to the current animal welfare standards. The equipment we supply can be categorized in:


We currently work with Schauer Agrotronic as our main supplier regarding feeding systems. Schauer is a global leader company in feeding systems for farms. Its products, of the highest quality and reliability, have been widely awarded and define the current state-of-the-art. OPP Group is the exclusive distributor of Schauer products in the Spanish territory. Some of the products we commercialize are:

COMPIDENT 7 Electronic Sow Feeding System

  • Animal welfare: free animals
  • Individualized feeding on demand
  • Up to 80 animals per machine
  • Deposit of up to 140 liters
  • More comfortable system of selection
  • Reliable and robust
  • Customized configuration for each use

SPOTMIX Multi-phase Feeding Systems

  • Spotmix is a multi-phase feeding system able to mix different ingredients
  • Mix and transport of dry-feed
  • Distribution as liquid-feed

LIQUIMIX Liquid-feeding Systems

  • The ideal solution for individualized feeding. Liquid-feeding system from 300 to 100,000 feeding points
  • Allows total feeding automation and control
  • Incorporates an automatic cleaning system
  • Dosing of the feed depending on the phase


Our trusted supplier in this area is MIK International. MIK is the European leader in plastic floor systems and heating systems. OPP Group is the sole distributor of MIK products in the Spanish territory. Some of the products we commercialize in this area are:

Floor Systems

  • Plastic floors and slats for swine farms
  • High-quality plastic floor systems for farms provide an easy assembly and a highly hygienic solution with great durability
  • We offer our clients different types of floor systems for different stages of production: nursery, fattening and sows

Heating Systems

  • Deepened anti-sliding surface
  • Flexible grouping of the heat sources
  • Ideal combination with rubin-type grilles
  • Economic solution for medium-to-big-sized facilities
  • Compact heating solution

DOJET Regulation System

  • Re-circulation pump clearing system
  • Pressure manometer
  • Thermometer
  • Security thermostat
  • Flow-meter
  • Isolation


Maintaining the optimal temperature and humidity conditions and a clean environment is vital in order to reach an optimal production. That is why OPP Group supplies and installs complete climate control systems, from ventilation and control systems to vaporizers and humidification tools.

We undertake integral climate control projects, from the search of the optimal solution for each farm and its size, to the engineering, installation and assembly services needed. Our main partners in this area are Agrener and Skov, leaders in the production market.


Throughout our years of experience in the industry, we have selected suppliers for additional highest-quality and efficiency products that we consider very beneficial for the optimal functioning of a farm.

  • Silos
  • Cages
  • Dividing panels
  • Water troughs
  • IT Equipment