Products and Services

Our offer of products and services is characterized by the constant seeking of quality and excellence in order to provide our clients with a high value-added offer.

Animal Health

Our animal health division offers a range of zoosanitary products of maximum quality and reliability and advisory services to our clients in the implementation of swine production processes based on animal welfare.

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At OPP Group we work closely with some of the leading suppliers in the farm equipment industry and we provide integral management solutions for our clients.

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Integral Projects

At the integral projects division, we work alongside our clients in order to implement our in-house developed swine production model in their facilities. We participate and advise in every stage of the project, from design to start of operations.

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Farm’s mother

Data management and analysis platform developed by OPP Group to facilitate software systems integration, data analysis and day-to-day decision making in farms.

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Portable healthcare treatment application and traceability device with electronic certification via RFID chip in order to control the correct use of antibiotics and other medication in animals.

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Vehicle thermo-assisted disinfection device, which allows a reduction in waste generation.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Advisory services we provide our clients cover all areas of the swine production process, which makes us an integral business manager.

  • Personnel Training
  • Laboratory
  • Meat Production
  • Business Management
  • Research and Development
  • Engineering
  • Animal Health
  • Data Management and Control
  • Nutrition
  • Animal Welfare