OPP group – Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

At OPP Group, we accompany our clients along the different phases of the swine production process and help them increase the productivity of their facilities. In order to do that, we offer an integral and multidisciplinary service based on animal welfare, excellence in our products and services, proximity to the client and innovation as the group’s motto.

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Products and Services

Our Areas of Expertise

Ongoing and Finished Projects

At our projects division, we have undertaken the design and start of operations of some of the facilities with the greatest technification levels globally, always taking into account European animal welfare standards.

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P+ Farms

Model of Innovation and Sustainability

P+ Farms are the result of merging all our experience in the different areas of animal welfare and swine production, with an innovative approach based on the modernization and automation of productive facilities, aimed towards the optimization of their productivity.

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Research and Development

At the Forefront of Innovation in Our Sector

At OPP Group, we want to grow in a sustainable manner and hold our leadership position in the market. In order to achieve this, we think it’s vital to offer high value-added products to our clients, value that in our view resides in constant innovation.

Recognition to Our Work

Throughout the years, OPP Group’s project has been awarded several times with awards such as the “Porc d’Or” to the excellence in “Animal Health and Welfare and Environmental Sustainability”, the “PITA” award to agro-technological innovation from Generalitat de Cataluña or the “Innovative SME” award from the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

International Presence

At OPP Group, we have always had an international vocation. We are aware that, due to the increasingly global character of the markets, internationalization allows us not only to expand the frontiers of our business, but also to have an impact on the improvement of animal welfare at a global level.