About Us

With accumulated experience of more than two decades and international presence, OPP Group is the only Spanish group of experts dedicated to offer an integral swine production advisory. We are present in the animal health, farming turnkey projects and R&D business lines. The company has been pioneer developing its business model in a profitable and sustainable way and contributing to improve animal welfare and the quality of management practices employed in farms.

Company devoted to provide consulting and advisory services for swine production facilities. Our experts adapt to the needs of each client in order to help them complete in an effective way the puzzle of their productive variables.
Multidisciplinary company, devoted to the implementation of our technified P+ farm turnkey projects in the client's facilities; we offer our clients an integral service, which covers all the stages of the project from design to execution, seeking optimal and profitable solutions in every step.
Commercial farm that, thanks to its philosophy rooted on innovation and sustainability, has become a referent on technified animal welfare. The farm has been awarded with the “Porc D’Or for Animal Health and Welfare and Environmental Sustainability”. It is also the main pillar of the education and training value proposal of OPP Group.

Key Milestones

  • In 1996, Joan Sanmartín founded a group of veterinarian advisers led by him. The main goal of this group was to offer a multidisciplinary service to swine production companies
  • As time went by, new experts were recruited, offering an increasingly comprehensive service to our clients
  • In 2010, and in order to demonstrate the viability of our technological model of animal welfare, we started operations in Albesa Ramadera
  • After several years of consolidation, OPP Group has initiated a new phase characterized by a strong investment in R&D. Thanks to this, we expect OPP Group to keep growing exponentially, and thus, consolidate our leading position in the market


International Presence

At OPP Group, we have always had an international vocation. We are aware that, due to the increasingly global character of the markets, internationalization allows us not only to expand the frontiers of our business, but also to have an impact on the improvement of animal welfare at a global level.

Our Management Team

At OPP Group, we have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals, specialized in each of the areas of the swine production process. We offer our clients advisory services of the highest quality and we accompany them in the development of their business.

Joan Sanmartín Suñer

Founder and CEO

Carlos Casaús Melero

Head of the Commercial Department

Gonzalo Cano García

Veterinarian Advisor

Carlos Martínez Dávila

Veterinarian Advisor

Fernando Fonseca Barrio

Head of the Projects Department

Roger Galofré Mercadé

Head of the R&D Department

Jose Ángel Fernandez Ortiz


Our Partners

Over more than twenty years in the industry, we have focused our efforts on selecting suppliers and partners with the highest quality, efficiency and practicality to always deliver the best service to our clients. From the best medical laboratories to the most innovative and reliable equipment suppliers.