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Presentation PIK and HIK in Tailandia

Publicat el dia . Today Roger Galofré Director of R+D+i of OPP Group has presented at the company Betagro in Thailand, strategic analysis using innovative tools such as HIK and PIK. HIK and PIK are two computer indicators that help you see production (PIK) and health (HIK) on your farms. We hope that this presentation has been fruitful and […]

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CIPA Training Course

Publicat el dia . Last Friday the formation of Angela in OppGroup finished. Angela is a nutritionist at CIPA in Colombia and came to train and learn more about the nutritional plan developed in Spain with European regulations. It was an intensive 3-day course that ended in a visit to the facilities of Albesa Ramadera, to learn more about […]

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Porc d’Or

Publicat el dia . Last friday, the Porc d’Or 2017, gala awards party was celebrated with great success in Segovia. From OPP we congratulate the organizers and particularly, all the award winner farms. We also would like to thank the trust placed on us by some of the leading company such as Nudesa, Piensos Costa and Selección Batallé, for […]

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DrySist, a New Thermal Disinfection System For Trucks

Publicat el dia . El Grupo Castañé y Opp han ideado un sistema térmico de desinfección de transporte animal que evitará el uso de antibióticos. Robert Castañé and Joan Sanmartín presented the new system of disinfection by thermal control with electronic certification. This system offers a reduction of the process duration, the effective reduction of pathogens, low environmental impact.

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Economic Report of Catalonia 2016

Publicat el dia . Last Thursday June 22, the Generalitat of Catalonia presented its Economic Report for the year 2016 with special emphasis on Industry 4.0. OPP group has been chosen in this memory as example of Lleida Company of international export of a new model of pig production. Joan Sanmartín and Roger Galofré will present on June 29 […]

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